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Increasing competition in the market of the web-based applications increases the importance of the quality of services and optimization of processes of interaction with customers.
The purpose of the article is to develop recommendations for improving the business processes of IT enterprises of web application segment based on technological tools for business modeling, shaping requirements for the development of an information system for customer interaction; analysis of the effective means of implementation and evaluation of the economic effects of the introduction.
A scheme of the business process development and launch of the website was built, based on the analysis of business process models and “swim lane” models, requirements for IP customer relationship management for web studio were established. Market of software to create IP was analyzed, and the ones corresponding to the requirements were selected. IP system was developed and tested, implemented it in the company, an appraisal of the economic effect was conducted.


IT market; business modeling; web-design; business processes; web-studio; IT services; customer relationship management.


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