• Віктор Дмитрович ГОГУНСЬКИЙ Odesa National Polytechnic University, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Володимир Олександрович ЯКОВЕНКО Odesa National Polytechnic University, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Тамара Олексіївна ЛЯЩЕНКО Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Тетяна Василівна ОТРАДСЬКА Odesa College "Server", Odesa,



publications, activity, the authors, citing the probability, Markov chain, model


Transformation competitive environment of higher education in the creation of effective mechanisms of management research encourages research teams and individual researchers to analyze their activity Publication search methods for improvement of citations of scientific publications. The paper analyzed the life cycle of scientific publications and show that the way to promote scientific articles in the world community inherent properties of Markov processes. Application of Markov chains allows top ground the need for active participation of the authors in the distribution of its publications in different scientometric databases, repositories of scientific and social networks. Markov model to describe decomposition of scientists made certain discrete states and proposed a schematic diagram of transitions between them. The model's 5A fully reflect the properties of the system. Communication influences the probability of changing system states with consistent movement along the trajectory from a lack of information about the publication to familiarize with it because of the positive attitude to state its citation. This is a must as well as a negative attitude to the publications. Proved that improve performance citation of scientific publications in the case of using Google Scholar, ORCID, Mendeley, Academia, ResearchGate, and others. The active participation of authors in their publications available in these systems leads to an increase in the proportion of articles that are available to colleagues in the global scientific community that is becoming one of the factors of increase in citations.


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