• Олег Александрович КУЧМА Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kharkiv
  • Ирина Александровна СОЛОГУБ Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Kharkiv



modelling, organizational structure, quality management, investment construction project, engineering companies, project-oriented approach


The authors consider the modeling of organizational structures by virtue of interaction between the basic participants by realizing of investment construction projects. This process is directed at the complex analysis of a problem of quality management by creating of building goods taking into account modern project management tendencies. The topicality of problem is obvious as by realizing of investment construction projects there is a liberal share of uncompleted projects, and in the completed projects actual values considerably exceed budgeted capital expenditures. The introduced model allows managing the project per quality system in all phases of the investment construction project‘s life cycle. It promotes refinement of building goods, improves the rate of successfully completed projects with actual values near budgeted.


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