• Олег Петрович МАКСЮТИНСЬКИЙ Lviv State University of Life Safety, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Євген Володимирович МАРТИН Lviv State University of Life Safety, Lviv, Ukraine



statistical data, processing, class, classification, opinion poll, algorithm


Approaches to ensure an adequate level of safety of life on peat Ukraine in terms of raising the risk of fires in peatlands. Shown the importance of the establishment and functioning of the local monitoring system for peat to control territory and notification units in the event of an emergency. The features of the system of monitoring at local peat involving methods and tools of design - oriented management. The influence of external and internal factors to improve the efficiency of the fire departments. Systematized main directions of improvement of relationships between elements of the system monitoring. The approaches to modeling and analysis of the impact of project-oriented management methodology for local monitoring system activity on peat. On the basis of the provisions of the use of applied geometry offered the example of the model implementation process of interaction of local monitoring peat taking into account the impact of means and methods of design-oriented management. The analysis of the movement in the phase space point of equilibrium systems with different coefficients of changes in the environment of resource provision of operational and rescue units DSNS and intensity of disasters.


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