Aiman Moldagulova, Ryskhan Satybaldiyeva


The modern world is not thinking without information technology. Training specialists not only fluent in IT technologies, but also those who know how to manage people and resources, is one of the main tasks of the IT university. This article focuses on teaching project management for IT students. The course covers the necessary set of knowledge and skills required for IT project managers. The main goal of the course is to teach students to focus on the organizational and managerial aspects of program projects. Along with various methods of project management (planning, budgeting and risk analysis), the main project management tools are considered; leadership principles; customer relations; liability issues; intellectual property issues; privacy issues. The article discusses the modern approach to teaching as a blended learning technology. This approach, combining traditional forms of education with elements of e-learning, is well applicable for a project management course. The features of the teaching of this course presented in the article are based on the personal responsibility of students for their own learning results. This also includes training based on mastery, an environment of high achievements, learning by doing. Actual methods in education as learning by doing, inverted learning and gamification are considered. The work also highlighted the role of “Project Management” in the student’s general educational trajectory. In addition, the article presents the experience of implementing and teaching this course at the International University of Information Technologies. The Project Management course is one of 12 courses in the Software Development Program (SDP) cycle, presented by iCarnegie.


project management; schedule and cost estimation; Agile techniques; Scrum; Risk Management Plan; Control Strategy Plan

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