: project management, project management methodology, knowledge base, synthesis of project management approach, adaptation of project management methodology, agile project management methodology.


In the context of global disruptions caused by pandemics, massive armed conflicts, and other destructive factors, the economic sector requires a reevaluation of paradigms and the application of new approaches and tools for project management. Risk management, as a component of the management system, is undergoing transformation in a state of perpetual uncertainty and turbulence. Project management methodology, as a means of achieving defined goals, cannot be solely based on predictable attributes and must provide flexibility in response to dynamic changes in the external and internal environment. The rapid pace of digital transformation is shaping a new understanding of the digital space, its content, automation tools, and information support. The rapid development of information technologies based on artificial intelligence and the intensive migration of production and management processes to remote forms necessitate business adaptation to new conditions and effective application by project managers. The information field is overloaded with various project management methodologies, a large amount of derivative and secondary information characterized by a lack of clear structure and low practical value. The continuous transformation of the modern environment requires scientific research to explore the development and adaptation of flexible and hybrid approaches to project management by use of modern information systems. The purpose of this article is to develop a concept of integrating project management methodologies with the resources of a corporate knowledge base. The article explores current knowledge in project management methodology through the genesis and analysis of document interrelationships, which allows for the identification of dependencies and potential synergistic effects of such methodologies. Integration methods and components of these methodologies are analyzed, revealed, and complemented to ensure effective project management. A concept is developed to facilitate a creative approach to project management with an interactive system for accumulation, structuring, implementation, retrospective, and adaptation of accumulated knowledge regarding project management approaches within an enterprise. Principles for constructing a corporate knowledge base on project management methodologies are formulated, and approaches to applying accumulated knowledge are discussed. The proposed tool is implemented with the support of modern information systems, enabling the application of adaptive, valid, and effective project management methods tailored to individual project requirements. The conclusion is drawn that the proposed concept of a corporate knowledge base, combined with existing methods of integrating project management methodologies, is a promising foundational tool for implementing a creative and proactive approach to project management.